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SKU: cac75549-3e5c-45b7-8ec4-0b7c3274aa34

Pastillas levitra, Levitra discounts

Packaging: : 3 pcs Weft & 1 pc Closure
Suitable Dying Colors: : All Colors
Material Grade: : Remy Hair
Chemical Processing: : Permed
Human Hair Type: : Brazilian Hair
Texture: : Body Wave
Brand Name: : west kiss
Can Be Permed: : Yes
Longest Hair Proportion: : >=15%

Additional Information


18 & 20 & 22 & Closure 16, 10 10 10 & Closure8, 26 28 28 & Closure20, 16 18 18 & Closure14, 22 24 24 & Closure18, 20 20 22 & Closure18, 24 26 26 & Closure20, 12 12 12 & Closure10, 16 16 18 & Closure14, 28 28 28 & Closure20, 10 & 12 & 14 & Closure 10, 22 22 22 & Closure20, 12 12 14 & Closure10, 10 10 12 & Closure8, 24 24 24 & Closure20, 8 8 8 & Closure8, 26 26 26 & Closure20, 8 10 10 & Closure8, 20 22 22 & Closure18, 12 14 14 & Closure10, 14 14 16 & Closure12, 10 12 12 & Closure8, 18 18 20 & Closure16, 22 22 24 & Closure18, 12 & 14 & 16 & Closure 10, 8 8 10 & Closure8, 16 16 16 & Closure14, 18 20 20 & Closure16, 14 14 14 & Closure12, 14 & 16 & 18 & Closure 12, 20 & 22 & 24 & Closure 18, 26 26 28 & Closure20, 24 26 28 & Closure20, 20 20 20 & Closure18, 18 18 18 & Closure16, 24 24 26 & Closure20, 16 & 18 & 20 & Closure 14, 22 & 24 & 26 & Closure 20, 14 16 16 & Closure12, 8 10 12 & Closure8


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